Switzerland, March 2011
All text and photos © 2011 Peter Newbury.

The streets of Geneva, Switzerland Door of defense Reflections Textures LightShade
Open Window Rooftop I International Firehose? Stinky? Passage
The Huntress I The Huntress II Statue by HR Giger of Alien fame Dusk Walk Kierstyn
Gruyere Chateau DarkDoor The Side Door I The Side Door II At a Snails Pace
KierArt Colour! Art.  Castle.  Um, wow! The Corner Nook Thin
Etched Glass The View Through The Mountains Before Us Rooftop II
Art by Patrick Woodroffe Art by Patrick Woodroffe l'Etivaz cheese caves Towers of mountain Gruyere The flipů
And the salt-water wash In the Halls of the Mountain King Patience

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