Coastline Crawl, May 09
Thanks to QFD Inc. for sponsoring photographic materials.  All text and photos © 2009 Peter Newbury.

Kierstyn and I spent 2 weeks bicycle camping from Eugene, OR, south towards San Francisco.  We got wet.  We got dry.  We had blazing sunshine.  We had chilly fog.  We had RVs the size of small mountains skim past our handlebars.  We had long downhills and what felt like longer uphills.  And we had folks like Mike who treated us to not only a campsite in his pasture but also a bottle of wine and firewood.  An excellent connection with the world.  Enjoy the images below.  Also, see Kierstyn's Picassa Album.  And also a little map showing our route.

Kierstyn checking her tires Oregon Water Torture Beautiful backroads K happy to be not too wet Lets go!
Snail - size XL Coast guard checking in Drying out, finally Oregon rocks Spanish moss
Chirp chief Headed north with a plant for company rolling green sailing the high seas golden wings
sunset at the best poached campsite ever Cheers 2 pairs of feet the golden globe award good morning Kierstyn
good morning sun Sleeping on the edge Its faster with only one foot Crags of Oregon Iris of Oregon
mysterious mushrooms fancy ferns life on the flip side oh ya tasty - Kierstyn fed us very well holy bigness and coolness
Kierstyn trying to get the tree in the picture one big stump to speak from bark or fur or maybe fark Being the Big Tree Corkscrew Tree
Snail attack - save the crackers Beautiful spot to brush teeth Gold beach - worth the muddy trail ride and late night Pretty in pink Sea lions rock and roar
The contraption The contraption The contraption Kierstyn playing tired for Peters ego Up high in the clouds
Tin roof Into the foggy distance we go Is that a cow, or an alien? Animated: Kierstyn and the Cow Winding ways
10? Ya right. Peter is riding a fright train!Riverside contemplation North end of the King Range We wore our brakes thin on this hill Blustery behinds
Riding with a view The Gathering Aaahhhh Typical interior California Big climb done…
And more to come! Wheeeeeeee! A warm reward Snack bag monster strikes again South end of the King Range
Sandwich Soaking in the view sunset on the way to a poached campsite morning fog morning kinda sunshine
Thistle it Looking back at the late-night poached site Pelicans are cool Bomber wing coming through Welcome to the picturesque California Coast
The master chef prepping goodness coastal fern soaking in the sun playing with the sunset Our last camping sunset Northbound evening commute
Almost ready Sad to see it go - but it will come back tomorrow Glorious moon A pair of bicycles to play on San Fran - on the way home

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