Operation Snowstorm

All text and photos © 2005 Peter Newbury.

Woods Hole, January 2005. It was a Dark and Stormy Night…

Every time I’ve been to New York, something extraordinary has happened. The infamous east coast blackout. Getting butterflies in my tummy on the Brooklyn Bridge. A 10-minute stream of motorcycles in Manhattan. And now 2 feet of snow in one night. I am enjoying some sort of connection with this city. It seems to live by my standard that every day should never be normal. And it has a powerfulness, an activity, but also a calmness about it that seems addictive. Rebecca Moore and I visited Boston and New York in January for software and clients. And to take the chance to be anything but normal.

We enjoyed a rather exposing conversation at Teatro; then I headed south to Woods Hole via Bonanza Bus Lines. As usual, it takes me a little bit to get into a camera head space...

34 Albatros St. Ropes buried in snow Ropes buried in snow Breakfast with Barbara A moment with the paper with winter outside

Door out of winter frozen shut Reflections Shower anyone?

Catching Mom mid-munch Smiles all around Boston covered in snow from the Hyatt

And transitioning to New York

Rebecca and I went south on Amtrak to visit Tony, Alberto, Diana and Eric at CurveID and the always worthy Kevin and John at Smart Design, plus chill for a few days with friends. Somehow, we ended up at Smart in time for their Friday Happy Hour. Coincidence? I don't think so! Rebecca went to hang with Ross and Karen, I with Margit. Rumours of being able to see Margit in concert were sadly suffocated by snow, though she did sing in the shower. Some highlights... 'Sideways' in the snow, taxis with bald tires, wading through Central Park to the Met, B&H Photo Video, dinner with frozen orange juice cups for vodka shots in New Jersey, and wet shoes.

And the fun begins! Margit and Stephen No trolls here

Just another day in Central Park Inside the Met looking at the snow outside the met.

Reflections of grandeur Reflections of beauty Times Square: lit, snowed in

Packed beyond structural belief 5 floors up, 5 floors down, 5 floors up, 5 floors down... 4 Wheel drive will not help much here

The plows ruled this city for days Snow Art: the original picture Snow Art: Photoshop!

Closed, graffitied tight Not going anywhere today...

...Couch anyone? South Manhatten piers South Manhatten piers Moon over Manhatten

Hanging art by the hips Look carefully for icicles on the clothes! Margit finding music under her fingers

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