Grandma's Operation

All text and photos © 2004 Peter Newbury.

Woods Hole, October 2004. The Day Before.

My grandmother was having her other hip replaced so she could get around faster and continue to cause trouble. I flew in to surprise her and hang out for a few days during and after the op with the hopes I could distract her with some silly stories or Scrabble. We all survived, and even though she is convinced the Brighams docs made her legs uneven lengths (I think she is just used to being on a heeled-over racing sailboat), life is better. I lucked out with a last minute ticket to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra (8 bucks!!) and spent a lot of time walking around near the hospital. Amusingly enough, the hospital was very close to the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum and also Mass Art where Michelle and Ann and I had been just a year previously. Unplanned, unexpected grins.

wiggly calm water space amusingly turned upside down Would you guys stop eating so much!

Shapes and shadows Impressionistic focus

Sunshine, water and greenery is always comforting Cleaner picture of an environment So if Eve had presented this to Adam...?

Where is a mermaid when you need one? Where is Peter? A beautifully beached semi-abandoned rain basin

More beached boats being bathed in beauty Woods Hole sunsets are magical X marks the spot? Look carefully. And more magic

Cheeky monkey looking for a loving handout Boston Symphony for 8 bucks!? Schweet! Ann and I entertaining Barbara with political short stories

And transitioning to New York
And, as usual, being so close to the wonderous city of New York, I can't help but drop in on Margit Jensen, my favorite opera singer (boys, we're talking a melt-your-heart voice, eyes to love by and a head full of wonderful ideas), and Kevin and John of SmartDesign (not quite so pretty as Margit, but still fun to hang out with). I managed to get into town just as Smart Design was pulling out beers for their Friday Happy Hour. As usual, my time in NY is packed and too short. Only in town for 26 hours this time. Sleep? Naaaaa! Margit and I wined and dined the rest of the evening away (and she can cook some mean desserts, too). The morning after was an arc through Central Park on our way to breakfast, then I had a good long walk in south Manhattan before heading for the airport. Someday, I will stay longer...

Yes, I know they are towels, but look at those curves! Phun with Photoshop

I have always wanted to know how they get those cranes up... Perspectives are always fun - reaching towards the Chrysler Building Looks like they are pushing up on the sky One discussion; many clothes

Bystanders to motorcycle mayhem Hundreds of raucus bikers in an orderly lineup?

It is just wrong to violate a bike! The wearing patterns of security Do not rot or rust on me!

Going home; the lasting view of New York

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