'Bwaston' - A Tale of Two Trips

All text and photos © 2006 Peter Newbury.

Prepared for the worst, it wasn't that bad...

Once again, the annual January-come-freeze-your-tush-off pilgrimage to Boston. I always pretend to go out for PTC/QFD’s sake (which, yes, it actually is) but it gives me a chance to see my mom Ann and grandmother Barbara. One of these years I’ll succeed in getting Barbara speechless when I surprise them at Symphony or Woods Hole – not so this year. And I even tried twice with a second surprise trip in early February. No dice. She's a tough one. I've seen her through hip replacements, moving the contents of a three story who-knows-how-many-square-feet home in Boston to the much smaller and already lived in Woods Hole residence, one-handed driving stunts (didn't go over well), and one of my favourites - boxes and boxes of family slides from who knows when. There have been other, ah, situations, but these are the publishable stories...

window to another world not so puzzled are the puzzling puzzle people meet jackie, the resident lab rat

frozen spray by cell phone cell phone: people swim here! cell phone: frozen spray closeup cell phone: some very iced stairs

windstorms and languishing boats this bastichio of a squirrel had us in stitches maybe we should hang the squirrel up here?

lovely textures sunrise over the weeds more neat textures zoom lens from 6 ft away - do not breathe while pressing the shutt- darn! a severe storm surge played billiards

I must not be a ghost since I have a shadow tweet tweet! all right buddy, I tweeted - where is the food!?

Not exactly the FireWoman of Cult fame looks like they sailed the boat into the yard - a loam boat?

bamboo, bamboo, by the road, who is the skinniest of them all? grooves of green

it really is a pretty weed ya, ya, last bamboo pic are you looking at me? standing still, standing tall, pebbled against my fall

wet, wild... and green more green peaceful - and no loam boats here

handy is as handy does Mine! Mine! Mine!

the finished masterpiece well worn by walking (to) the plank with only one leg for lashing yourself to the deck of the dock my cousin Lafe and his friend the cell phone (not that I can comment!) what is down there?

looks like the pine cones exploded and left green strings behind hard to play the shell game with only one shell Searching the seashore for shells Who needs an apple - skip a rock a day and you will feel better

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