Bowron Lakes '07 - Canoe come play with me?
All text and photos © 2007 Peter Newbury.

Departing Calgary Morning to the rear, adventure to the front Welcome to hay country some frosted leafs An auspiciously beautiful beginning
Ginny researching the waterways Water and trees everywhere A companion for a short few minutes Ginny paddling Forward ho
Sunshine and fog streaking through the trees And then it poured! Lake Isaac - 35+ km long Monster mushroom threatens camp - campers flee! Dogwood plants
Driftwood Ginny enjoying a book and the lakeshore Sunset on the mountains Still water A moth trying to hide against a rock
Spanish moss decorating trees Cariboo falls Cariboo falls Cariboo falls Flaming sunrise
Silhouetted trees Silhouetted trees Ginny rnjoying the return of the sunshine A meanering path Camping on the waters edge
Peaceful lake Final night - beautiful sunset Final night - beautiful sunset Foggy morning Foggy morning
wind blown water ripplies in the sand resilient windblown grass Bird crossing Foggy morning

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