Big Sky Montana

All text and photos © 2006 Peter Newbury.

Sam never suspected a thing. I was finally carrying through on my promise of a visit to Bozeman. Steph did a wonderful job opening Pandora's box... and we plotted. Sam was out of communication finishing his last week in the field, I could feign work related excuses to bail yet again and Steph would figure out how to cajole Sam into a snooze or a drive for no apparent reason. I had just returned from Japan a week before and was excited to see and share time with Sam and Steph. Welcome to Big Sky Country.

Steph Introduction to Colour! Sam

Art by the Butte Electric Company WD-40 ready to save the day. Intro to Colour, part II Moon rising over Montana It is a little chilly here, folks!

But I have a killer stereo to listen to. A view through the present

Reflected would be the reason for the detour Mmmmmm! Nothing like a old fashioned burger. Do not mess with this gal

Bring On the Dawn
The world has gotten so small over the last hundred years. From Seattle to Japan would have been a multi-week sea voyage. I had just been there and back in less than 2. Here I was, waking before dawn and giving respect to the same rising sun. Sunrises are so full of opportunity.

The sense of opportunity Dawn on the opposite side of the world from Japan Weeds in the sky?

Righted Reflections There is a reason it is called big sky country Hot springs, frost, and geese

Shedding frost to welcome the day Showing off in the sun Steph shedding sleep frost in the sun Sam in his magic cloak Checking the magic pot Steph searching the horizon

Finally caught in the camera lens - Peter looking inwards I can see up your nose! Peter caught again - looking outwards?

180 degrees never felt so open

Enjoying big sky Sam taming a wild rock

I hold a great deal of respect for my brother. He has connected with his world and people in a way that is full of love and respect, is not precious or put on for show. His 'home' address is an RV in a friend's back yard. Showers are a couple blocks away. Rent is a few hundred bucks... a year. He has rigged up some solar panels and a storage/converter system and runs everything he needs there without an electric bill or gas pump. There are so many ways to approach this world and it's needs in ways that satisfies our needs (shelter, food, etc.), and there are many ways to stay very aware of what our needs truly are, as opposed to what the ad companies want our needs to be. I'm impressed, Sam. Have fun and be true and next time I get to sleep under the pine tree.

Shelter for Sam, tarp included Rigged for solar - no electric bill here! Sam should not grow any taller

Ya, things are crooked, but it works Best seat in the house And home is where friends and family are

Family Time
Sam and I will have the pleasure of seeing each other 6 times in half as many places from early April to mid June. Bozeman, Seattle, Boston, Seattle, Alaska, Seattle. This is more times than we've seen each other in easily the two previous years. We've been catching up on lost time together, having great conversations, looking at pictures, talking about history, people, humanity, the future. We've spoken about some of the paths open to each of us and some of the lessons we've learned and are hopeful to learn. It is wonderful to contemplate those things and I am very glad to have a brother to do it with and a world to do it in. These are some slides we found at our Grandmother's house showing some of our world...

Happy camper Sam with Ann on an Alaska State ferry trip Pseudo-uncle Larry Collins on the road to Seward Sam enjoying some breezy freedom on blueberry hill above Eagle River Valley

Peter, Sam and Sheba in the backseat of the VW Bus Sam having a smile in the backseat of the VW Bus Ann making sure Sam does not fall into Campbell Creek Ann riding Showdown in Palmer

Barbara Little: Grandmother and Living Legend Peter showing off for Barbara in the side driveway - note Sam behind his legs Rack em, stack em - Peter, Sam, Ann, Tom and Sheba ready to slide Peter, Sam, Ann, Tom and Sheba on course

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