Hong Kong -  Extras

You have to wonder what is going on in here Brave little soul Buddha's back door Colourful Cavorting Escorts?
Tall construction - mostly bamboo Perched on top Intently on the job These boys love their mechanical machines Some concern about the water level
Hookup 1 Lift away Fishing man Somebody must have hooked a land-fish waterfall tree
Two frogs duke it out for mating rights Big steps for a little man One of a only few bikes I saw downtown Graveyard on the south side of the island green tree by night
The pleasure of a harbourview room 180 degree view of the Hong Kong harbour from Kowloon, looking into Hong Kong centre A monastary door The new tall home Tall home 2
Incense sticks Incense and flower Dan, Steve and Neal walking to dinner Monastary sinks Pipes fill with water and tip to play chimes
Taking a nap in the heat of the day - and keeping the visitors out A napper in the Kowloon park Visitors enjoy the city lights Figure out which way is up It is warm enough here to run all the pipes outside
Reminds me of being a kid! Serious games Piles of pots patiently pining for plants City reflections 1 City reflections 2
IO call thes ehte Lego buildings Mix and match colours Porthole building Headed out for an Excursion The faces we can see
This reminds me of a sea anemone It just keeps going and going and going… Young, Ralf and Beardsley tearing it up in the night market Night market mayhem The way to Buddha
Sunset in the harbour For those audiophiles… Vertical posture Hey - anybody want some water?

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