New Delhi, India, February 2010
All text and photos © 2010 Peter Newbury.

India.  I've wanted to write about India since my last trip there a year and a half ago, but maybe I'm still at a loss for words.  I was lucky enough to visit New Delhi again and so get to speak with images instead of words.  Please enjoy...

Morning calls… The glorious light of a New Delhi morning Welcome to India Street views: recycler at work I half expected to see somebody sitting in the chairs
The mix on the streets, from poor to well off Helmet alternative Start your engines! And try to stay out of the way… This request was widely ignored
Traffic compression Compressed Natural Gas use… Compressed Natural Gas home delivery And special deliveries: shaken not stirred Everybody uses the streets in some fashion
Bicycle vendors, recyclers, etc., were everywhere A local bike shop Scooter, scooter... Parked cow? Use me! Sigh
People Views: little man Some kids, starting to warm to their curiousity And finally relaxing Peter and his 40 new friends Smiles…
Smiles… Smiles… Smiles… Cell phone for me, cell phone for you... Traditional dress - amazing colours and fabrics
Pretty typical things-going-on-everywhere scene Daughter and grandmothers Fantastic faces… Fantastic faces… Fantastic faces…
Family trumps all Young girl impassively taking in the world Older girl with a beautiful smile but still entangled in India's view of females Education is a way to improve their lot, though
As is friendly, hard work Urban slum exploration: Cow-pie fuel Mobile/battery-based home phone? Beautiful entryway and bike And a typical convoluted construction inside
Picture exchange Making a hole for an electrical box Hm… construction code? Dead shoe depository Creative electricity - not wireless yet!
Cow parting the waters Hard working bike Rural Village Views: wheat field Traditional dressed man Beautiful fabrics and decorations…
She stayed veiled as much as possible Bangles forever! Silhouette Ankle bracelet Awesome colours
Youngsters finishing school Youngsters checking us out Little man taking a ride Impassive cracker eating Mom and son
Tire'd' entertainment Curious overhead Hm, if only there was a way to encourage opportunity Beautiful smile! Beautiful smile!
Grandmother Grandmother and daughter Father and son Indian shoes, western shoes, satellite dish… Colourful laundry
Train of kids Cow manure patty production Trash'- is open to interpretation I love you! Excellent mantra for Indian traffic Beautiful bicycle bits
Fabulous textures and colours Window Family shoes Hm, no safety lines to be seen… New Delhi sunrise
Our driver for a few days Truck traffic Not many visible accidents, but apparetly they happen Wicker chair land, middle of nowhere Cool loudspeaker carriage
Typical horse-trailer setup A little bit of everything can be seen everywhere Have truck, will travel, will carry everybody wheels with character; Mad Max anyone? Coming through!
tractor portrait And the loads only get bigger... And bigger Colourful waterworks van Taking a water container home… somehow.
Level road, tired bus Confetti carrier Homemade water-pump truck Easily portable fuel Tired tires
Recycling depot, of sorts? Clearcuts are clearcuts anywhere in the world Construction support Riverside scene Bicycle parking
Bicycle rickshaws Papayas! Yum! Veggie market scene I Veggie market scene II Veggie market scene III
Tiger Reserve tour: Bamboo patterns Baboon family The bumpy road Ficus vine becomes a tree… Massive termite mound
Boar bum Breathtaking river view Dappled sunlight Tiger track!! Elephant patiently walking
Makeshift mirror repair Lots of birds near New Delhi… Ah, big dump near New Delhi Night street scene Autorickshaw fun
Entrance to Humayun's Tomb Follow me to the concert Sufi music festival Beautiful music Amazing voices, too
Almost live Out like a light Neat silhouette Holi day evidence… None of us escaped…
And especially not these folks Night time scene…
India in review: welcoming Melding of tradition and new, hard and soft Makeshift, but capable Very manual Proud, humble, steeped in many faiths
Find a way together to steer and drive India…

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