Dirt, Sun and Styling, Kelowna July 09
All text and photos © 2009 Peter Newbury.

A little trip to Kelowna, BC, Canada (Eh!) for some dirt, sun, swimming, and just hanging out with Friends.  Vicky and Jim Fitlow from Utah, Scott and Robynn Ferris from Vancouver, and Kierstyn and I played for a few days, then we hung out with Kierstyn's friend Rebekah - for the first time they have seen each other in 10 years.  What a hoot!  A shout out to Dave Rolleston and also to Kelowna Cycles for hooking us up with some needed parts and ride ideas and especially to Tannille Stickley for arranging for some sweeeet! Canada riding gear to end up in Peter's hands.  Cheers!

Ground Zero ride - Dave introduces us to Dirt

Moonrise goat crosswalk petting zoo is right! fuzzy bums green water
Vicky ripping it up Thumbs up! Kierstyn on a mountain bike for the fitrst time Steep hills are tough, but smiles are more powerful Vicky testing her feet
The master sweeps by Vicky likes to go downhill Jim likes to go downhill also Jim lapping it up Hm, does the phrase I love you work here?
Yep, smiles are awesome A little puff of magic doubletrack dreams

Playing in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park

Vicky grinding up the hills Jimbo is wondering where the down is Still black from a forest fire in 2003 More up Ferris knows which way to go
Ferris dancing up a storm Vicky takes the bait Ferris making tracks Vicky leaves the dust behind Dirt rocks
Hang a left, hard! Jim showing of his new bike Vicky ripping the corner Ferris flying free through the trees Jim and Vicky rocking the rock
Vicky tests her brakes Air Ferris taking off Jim finds out that his new bike can absorb a lot of bumps Ferris flying though fireweed Vicky in the canyon of weeds

Hanging with Rebekah

Rocking through the trees Rebekah winding it up Rebekah testing her balance Rebekah lines it up Rebekah railing

Download hi-res images for Fitlow (77Mb), Ferris (22Mb), Rolleston (21Mb) and Rebekah (14Mb).

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