The Fin

All text and photos © 2005 Peter Newbury.

A half-inflated ball, a fully energized Finnegan, and a yard in Portland.

Chris and Anita in Portland have an addictive ever-so-pleasant state of being. My time with them is always enjoyable, and healthy (for an addiction)! They always remind me that there is far more to life than work. They've also inspired a few mental questions. Some of which I've answered, some of which Finnegan has answered. Chris and Anita have a wonderful, lovable, very hairy, cuddly child. His name is Finnegan. The Fin, for short. Fin has a way of finding people to play with him. It involves patiently waiting for somebody to go outside, then presenting them with a winning gaze and a half inflated soccer ball. And a retriever's ability to keep on chasing things until he can't walk! I had my camera, Chris had the ball...

Oh, do I see a playmate!? Fin on point - rapt attention Come on, you have to be trickier than that!

Star catcher, sprinting! Hair flying everywhere

That is up there! Prepping for that perfect catch... No paws, all mouth, all-star!

Fin pouncing on the ball That is hard work! This will be hard work. One man, big project!

Chris and Anita also have amazing flowerbeds...

The brilliant colours at daybreak Turning towards the sun Popping out to get the groove on

My favourite flower Slightly less depth of field... Brilliant arcs of blue

And Chris cooks a mean BBQ...

One big pile of ribs, one green egg, many happy tummies! Oh yeah, this will taste good!

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