Reach the Beach, September 09
All text and photos © 2009 Peter Newbury.

204 miles.  30.5 hours.  Welcome to Reach the Beach 2009.  Start at Cannon Mountain in northern New Hampshire and finish at Hampton Beach... with a twisty windy course in between.  Team Reeve It Up raised over $1,300 for the Christover and Dana Reeve Foundation and had a ton of fun.  And there are rumours about next year....

Team photos first, and then some fun stuff below that...

Team Photos - Chris, Colin, Danese, Doug, Jeff, Jen, Julie, Kierstyn, Kim, Lauren, Patty and the Whole Team

Chris 1 Chris 2 Chris at night Chris 4 Chris 5
Chris 6 Chris 7 Colin 1 Colin 2 Colin 3
Colin 4 Colin 5 Danese 1 Danese 2 Danese 3
Danese 4 Danese 5 Doug 1 Doug 2 Doug 3
Doug 4 Doug 5 Jeff 1 Jeff starting RTB Jeff 3
Jeff 4 Jeff 5 Jen 1 Jen 2 Jen 3
Jen 4 Jen 5 Julie 1 Julie 2 Julie finishing her night run
Julie 4 Julie 5 Julie in the forest Julie 7 Julie 8
Kierstyn 1 Kierstyn in the dark Kierstyn 3 Kierstyn 4 Kierstyn 5
Kierstyn 6 Kierstyn last leg Kim and Reeve It Up Kim 2 Kim 3
Lauren 1 Lauren 2 Patty at night Patty waiting for Julie Kierstyn switching to Patty
Patty 4 Patty 5 Patty 6 Animation - Patty on the road Animation - water station
Reeve It Up 1 Reeve It Up 2 Reeve It Up 3 Reeve It Up 4 Reeve It Up 5
Reeve It Up 6

And a bit of a storyline....

sunshine streaming - good morning racers! Forest of the almost north Arrrr, standby ye rascaly racers This parrot just will not let go Pretty in pink, with a doctor on the scene
Would you let these men operate on you? Hm, and 10 ibuprofen following leg 6… The crowd mixes and mingles Pink running amuk Is this supposed to be a spare shoe?
Van anyone? On the scene and meaning business heeereee racers, come on, come here! So there I was, strapped onto the front of a van… With my best rooster buds just down the way….
And Jack the Monkey got tied up, too. Reeeeady team! Can we run like this? 3 is a crowd? Pretty and packed… for now
The start (Jeff is in there somewhere) Even superman has to run sometimes Betty! Get over to the side of the road - look at those maniacs in the van! Welcome to the granite state Hang loose
Ever been kissed by a van? Indian high card - sadly you can not get get two legs for one dashingly dashing into the night we go…. first stars
loooong exposure Morse code? runner is the midst new version of streaking green wings alight
curvy dots preparing to water and feed Patty all lit up and with places to go van-lit roadway The 8pm support team
Chris has some interesting socks…. Nice gesture, but, um… really? Patty checking on Jeff - first run after a short cold sleep still moving, still running, into the dark Heck of a catch
Morning rush hour Running off the end Just follow the Little Yellow Arrows... Armed with water and food and looking for Patty Jeff asleep at the switch. Julie, as usual, smiling
Only part of the 400 van and who knows how many cars caravan Team Reeve It Up, Chris on point Kierstyn waving at the silly cameraman who seems to be everywhere running into the light And that is what I call venting!
Surfboards on a Jetta means Peter is around somewhere…. Van 2 Spirit! Uh huh, that is us! Um, sir, do you know you are wearing a cow suit? I know penguins get aroud, but….
Yea to all Reach The Beach runners!

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