All text and photos © 2005 Peter Newbury.

Seattle, April 2005. The Ever Amusing World...

Strikes again. I usually don't hang with the boyz or girlie girls. I see them parading up and down 1st Ave in Seattle, cruising the strip, hanging and booming it out to the world. Twist that ballcap, find those heels. It's a rather engrossing dance, watching those mating calls echo off faces and bodies.

When Stan Balish from San Diego said "Come to the Seattle Supercross!" I didn't think much beyond seeing some good friends and watching dirtbike egos launch themselves and their technology 30+ feet in the air. I also got a dose of that whole other world...

estrogen and testosterone marching with heels and ballcaps Reminds me of mountain bike racing pits, except for the skyscrapers!

Sunset over the shipping yards of Seattle Shadows and sun

Excited fans brace against the chill

The colourful Qwest stadium Rail slides as Dad gets popcorn

And they are off! Racing for the first corner!

The leaders emerge!

A young fan too interested to sit Stan and friends More boys busy watching the Hooters girls

Hard to see: 4 in the air at once Stay closer to the track, do not go left into the mud!

Darkness falls outside the stadium And we have a fireworks-celebrated winner!

Three times down the ramp, click your heels and say we are not in Kansas

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