A See in Seward, April 09
All text and photos © 2009 Peter Newbury.

Kierstyn and I went to Seward, Alaska for a small tour of my 'home' state.  A tour of Resurrection Bay with Matt Cline, the owner of Aquatec, an overnight in Eric Newbury's Aquanator (a WWII landing craft converted into a fishing tender) and a walk through Seward's amazing Sealife Center.  Alaska is a pretty phenomenal place, especially when the sun is up for more than 16 hours!

Kierstyn making the world stand on its head a little heli action beautiful cornice sweeeet little house on the bay old WWII barge buried in the gravel
rocking wake birds, birds, birds maximum sun angle Ork! Ork! green cormorants?
cool fog bank view across the bow bird condo big cliff with a hig cavern for iddy bitty bird homes and this was not even high season
taking flight an island in the fog there is a river and glacier back there somewhere Mr Billy Goat ANIMATED - billy goat jump
the toothy sea banded beach hole in the wall crazy cool fog eagles nest high up in the center tree
Kierstyn surveys the scene flock of shadows mmmm muching on kelp snowcapped mountains are soooo beautiful open space, snow, water, lovely
the skipping master shows her form we slept in a boat waaaay over there Kierstyn smile and style Capn Kierstyn breakfast nook view
the Aquanator - an excellent overnight The Aquanator peacefulness algae colours wide scape
sailing out to see starfish Kierstyn clowning for Clark pretty in pink give me the fish and nobody gets Orked at
flying underwater the show looks like an old character with those… eyebrows another show the light from above
hi ho, it is upside down we go who are you? you still look funny upside down check out these wiskers sleek and smooth
almost like starlight Who is watching who? deep space deep space II

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