San Francisco Walking Tour!

All text and photos © 2006 Peter Newbury.

Your mission: Fly in, explore, fly out, all in one day.

I think this was the fastest year yet to whirl past me. It must have something to do with getting old. or maybe it actually is the job. Hm. Anyway, Alaska Air has these weekly specials for those of us who like to engage in spontaneous travel. SEA-SFO for cheap, but the days weren't the best. Except that we could fly in and out on the same day! Cool! Sea-Tac at an ugly 6am, SFO at 8:30, Bart downtown, wander through SF MoMA area, sideways through the financial district to the Embarcadero, up into Chinatown for lunch, back down to the Embarcadero to look for a lost hat (no luck), around the Embarcadero and UP! to Coit tower (and a nap), way across town to Lombard Street, over another couple hills for dinner in Singapore, past city hall, back to the Bart Station for a ride to SFO, finally landing in Seattle at 10-ish (slept all the way home). A few more miles on the feet, a fun excursion for the cameras.

Upside down, right side up? THE hangout spot pure character Sometimes overwrought is done well

smile for the camera! reflections and... feet?

for the draftsman in all of us Where _is_ superman? getting the closeup

patchwork quilt of stone Where is the showerhead?

all aboard the UPS bus

101 uses for the modern bicycle Superman still is not around And he is not in black and white, either breast cancer balloons taking a walk

yummy colours did this man fall out of his shoes? a piercing peer down a pier

Not a bad sitting room view Dad, turn off the tilt! We were over there? Wow.

San Fran intersection: Down

San Fran intersection: Up

nothing special, just neat patterns I am yellow!

Ouch? The guiding light, well, the guiding silhouette

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