Summa', summa' time!

All text and photos © 2005 Peter Newbury.

Summer explorations and ruminations.

I don't know if this was the fastest summer to pass me by, or if I just forgot to blink so I saw it more often. Some fun was had, though! This is a real mishmash of summer fun. Portland in early June with Stann and Tim, Seattle in July with the Blue Angels, and Santa Cruz in August with Tim and Stann (yes, again). A Gorge hike near Portland first...

Two camera freaks, and one sans camera - Stann, Sam, and Tim A hearty smile from Tim More camera freaks! First of a few grand vistas - The Gorge, Portland Sam with all the toys and ready to go

Would you stop messing up my picture - I am trying to concentrate Self-propelled tent Grand vista 2 - check for people

water, water everywhere Sam at work Sam at work - posing! There was a bouquet left for someone; bits were floating downstream

If you get really close, the bush is huge! And they all walked away just a hair too soon... That is a long way down, gents

Just another rough day hike in the Pacific Northwest Look for the undercut behind the waterfall with Sam on the right downstream can be so peaceful Or a bit of a rush Under the cascading water

Beautiful flowers all around A peek up their skirts! Some big cliffs, too - my camera is pointed straight down

Sam trusting a tree Another vista looking back along our hike

Stepping past a tree, they paused for me and patiently waited for a second shot

Tim testing his Nike jacket in the wet Stann catching the view It looks better with the bum out like this Explaining the theory of hand waving

Ancient logjam... And the beautiful gorge behind Last views of the sunset I assume this postwas not creosoted!

A brief stop in the Portland Chinese Classical garden...

Notice the downtown setting green, gold, red

And back in Seattle, we'll visit one of my favourite beaches...

Reflections on the way Through the abandoned marching fields in Magnolia And at the beach

With a beautiful view of Mt. Ranier And some masts around the other side of the lighthouse - Shilshole Marina

And go for a ferry ride...

Yikes, that horn is loud! Do not mess with the pink legs, eh!?

A float on Lake Washington with the Beardsleys and the Blue Angels

Arcing up And over and down Uh, guys, we do not want to land here

I can see the fish when I am upside down like this Flower power, boys And in formation in front of Mt Ranier all pretty-like

And a visit to Santa Cruz, the magical surf town

surfing to fish or fishing to surf? Headed out to play

Stann and Tim, very backlit, with the dog beach behind Ooor, oor, ooor!

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