An Atlantic Sunrise, August 09
All text and photos © 2009 Peter Newbury.

A walk with Molly and Kierstyn to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic... Waves of bliss in all shapes and sizes.

X marks the spot Water colours Molly on point Molly racing for the rock The lovely Kierstyn Hunter
Sunrise on the Atlantic Peek a boo What a reason to be alive MirrorDog Birds a-wing break the calm
Motorboat Molly When are you going to throw that rock? Big ball of fire in the sky Ball of fire, II A brighter Kierstyn
The three monk-er seagulls? Fisherman, fisherman, catching the sun water ripples I water ripples II water ripples III
Water ripples IV Molly launches Molly in sprint One tired but happy dog oooo which rock this time?
Yeeaaaaahoooo Okay, now I'm tired Golden sun on golden fur Watery paws Molly finding a rock
Look at that bubble, and that one too! Off to explore some more Here I dig, there I dig, everwhere I dig Ahhhhhhhhhh.

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