Playing in Switzerland, Feb 08
All text and photos © 2009 Peter Newbury.

Two days of skiing and boarding in Europe.  Fabulous fun very close to our Mt Blanc adventure from the previous summer - so close you could almost touch it.

Day 1 - introduction to Swiss skiing

Sunrise Getting ready to go Luc taking pictures Luc is a happy camper! Luc and Roxanne
Karine from pink to pink All gone!? Already!? Roxanne ready to go Chairlift dreams The Pirate

Day 2 - real skiing on Aiguille du Midi... starting at 12,600 ft!

Karine and Sean Karine and Sean Waaaaay up high! 12,600 feet! Up valley view towards our Mt Blanc traiing grounds from the previous summer Rock climbers testing the chilly
The shadow of the mountain Looking down into the valley Tasty treats for the day Mt Blanc to the right View into the valley, Mt Blanc out of view to the left
Welcome to Switzerland Getting off the 12,600ft peak to where you can actually put a snowboard on! The crowd getting ready to go Our trusty guide Luc is haaaaappy!
Snow and rock Sean and Karine Luc Wild shapes Luc and Roxanne
Our group We are going down there The view from a snowboard about to rip Skiing on the moon Luc - reflected
The line to the gondola home Heli fly-by Chilling on the patio

Some wintertime images in Morge

Leaving water air traffic control Morge sunset solitary boat on Lac Leman whispering magic

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