Surf Swept Starry Sweetspot - New Year's Eve: Tofino

All text and photos © 2006 Peter Newbury.

Vacation? Sorry, let me get my ears checked.

I actually took 4 days in a row sans phone, sans computer. And the world didn't come to a grinding halt. Not bad. A resolution in recent years is to spend every New Years Eve in a different place. This was a pretty cool place to hang out. Life's pace is a little bit different here. :-) New years Eve was spectacular with a 5' tall raging bonfire on a surf swept beach, starry skies, a bottle of champagne and a golf cart full of roman candles. The Scuby got some exercise, too, 'cause the road to Tofino is all about sensuous curves.

double decker bus collection?

just say, aaaahhhh misty eyed gulls Jennifer enjoying the view

Even in a wetsuit I say Brrrr! This is one big river, dude! Jen getting sucked into the beach Eeeewww, gross! Daily job?

I see waves in your future, young stream. Rip it up! reflecting on Jennifer Seems funny, but shades of gray can be beautiful.

Remember those days when the dog was your best friend? X marks the spot!

You can spend your life wading, or just jump right in! Just like this! The things seagulls will eat...

The dark beach grows bright welcoming lights for the unwary traveller

Morning grey lifting islands out of the sea If you ever wonder how many people you touch. Good morning!

Sticking waaay out there.

Rubber boots work well... until the water gets to the top. Hot springs and cold waves an hour north of Tofino by boat

Next stop, Japan. Life on the edge? Making do, living the rocky life. This guy did not say much The magical misty boardwalk

They do call this a rainforest. Oh, did I mention the 10-ft swell? Sunset from the boat, New Years Eve

Raging bonfires are warm! A fuzzy Jennifer Black and white fire Our fireside neighbour: a giant in PJs with a portable search spotlight

this little guy made sure the sparks did not get away. Tiger, Tiger, burning bright 15 minutes of f(l)ame

The Long Beach perspective

The water was a touch high - no Ewoks in sight Climate change?

Ferns having a bath More ferns having a bath

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