Another *@#!*# Day In Paradise

All text and photos © 2006 Peter Newbury.

Snowday! 4 times over.

Jim and Vicky (and Denali and twins and dogs) live ridiculously close to Park City in Utah. So close, in fact, that you can check on the weather at three resorts by looking out the front door. They were kind enough to host Scott and me for a few days, plus truck us around in the family Suburban to play in the snow. The Canyons Resort and Park City Resort were delightfully deep, it snowed day and night and then we got a bluebird day on the look-between-your-knees slopes of Snowbird. Yes, another *@#!*# day in paradise.

roughing it, couch style This mower will not move for a while

Jim looking cheery Scott: Ride with caution? Wohoo! Jim and Scott showing off their perma-grins! The Canyons Resort

Different trees than Whistler Different trees than Mt Baker, too. The Canyons Resort 2pm, 9,500ft, good snow - sweet!

Scott surveying the potential fun spots the beautiful quest for altitude

And leaving safety behind Scott on course The view from above

and from below. Scott and Jim about to jump off.

leap of faith oh yea! Jim in pursuit This is too much fun!

Scott and Peter: why are we so happy? ah, yes, this view... ...and that view.

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