Peru UW MBA March '08 - Adventures in South America | Cuzco I
Thanks to Crooked Trails for managing the tour.

Bikers _everywhere_ in Cuzco Portable something in Cuzco Square All sorts of things walked past Nike Air Max 360 in Peru These feet are made for walking
Tired tourist, loaded up and weighed down A guard watches over some willing buyers Mud bricks are easier to build with The long downhill run to school Proud of the pink
Purple Squeezing through the cracks Inca masonry Explosion of yellow and blue and green In the footsteps of the Inca
Moving a stream - people power Antennas on the hillside above Cuzco Terraces and grees and mountains everywhere Could amost image these nests as noise graphs Waiting for the INC
A blue view INC courtyard

All text and photos © 2008 Peter Newbury.


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