Peru UW MBA March '08 - Adventures in South America | Villa el Salvador
Thanks to Crooked Trails for managing the tour.

Our guide through Salvador The ex-mayor of Salvador A French TV crew came in to film us One of the youths of Salvador documenting the proceedings Listening to the ex-mayor
Inspiration wiating to be set afire Our group with Villa el Salvador folks Delivery fun Start with this and find some stuff and start to organize
And eventualy paved roads and traffic and a city And eventually you have a neighbourhood Some things happen anywhere in the world Evrything here is perched on a massive sand dune Listening to success
Did not hear any cats on this tin roof A kitchen in Villa el Salvador A bedroom in Villa el Salvador Hanging out in the heat Sister selling
Fish showing pictures Salvadorian little man Veena and Maryann speaking and listening Prefab housing at a completely different level Note the sand coming through the potholes
I saw at least 5 cell towers in the town Visa is accepted the world over Amazing at what can grow on sand Looking for a ride? What the heck is a radio antenna doing here?

All text and photos © 2008 Peter Newbury.


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