Peru UW MBA March '08 - Adventures in South America | Lima I
Thanks to Crooked Trails for managing the tour.

Jorge was an excellent guide - especially of food Hawking his wares Typical stalls at a local market - colours! Mmmm - squid waiting to become civiche Learning how to make civiche
Tasty! Tasty! The fickle windsock of Minaflores Soaring in the updraft - I was almost there Hanging out at lovers bluff
Best seat in the house Amoured watch Character vehicles were everywhere Old and worn but ready to go All a flutter
Superstar - Milyana enjoying pigeons Superstar - Milanya looking lovely Jorge chasing the pigeons Golden cathedral Busy entertaining herself
Asleep at the sell Need some pipes? Going up Faith and Jorge Second day in, little tired, waiting for the bus
If you stop, they will come Stuffed to the roof - and needing a wash Just haning out Sandals galore This car fits through tiny spaces
Sunset in Lima 1 Sunset through the palms Lovers Bluff at Minaflores Armando was here S\hadows of the palm
Brilliant backlit palm Looking from Minaflores past Barranco to the Cross People enjoying the Minaflores bluff view Minaflores church - note the bicycles in front

All text and photos © 2008 Peter Newbury.


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