Peru UW MBA March '08 - Adventures in South America | Machu Picchu
Thanks to Crooked Trails for managing the tour.

This gal wears mutliple hats with ease Living surrounded by mountains Family living just a few miles from Machu Picchu Cross the river, turn right at the old ruins and follow the - powerlines? Wet yellow flower on the hike to Machu Picchu
Strong vertical lines Up and across and up and through and up and up and up Empty houses Up we go Stefan working through the up
Achingly empty yet so alive Up and up and up. Beautiful colours Danny and Jon on route to Machu Picchu A classic Machu Picchu view from the Sun Gate
Someone decided bubbles were warranted Machu Picchu spotlit from the Sun Gate Winding down from Machu Picchu Misty mountains produce waif-like rainbows Suspiciously volcanic shape - with road and train tracks around the base
MBAs over Machu Picchu A classic Machu Picchu view w/ Wynu Picchu A classic Machu Picchu view from the agricultural area Lots of local friendly lizards Enjoying the sunset and view at the guardhouse
Three guesses at to which country we're in The stones tell stories here Lots of zigzagging to do here Found this on the morning climb to Machu Picchu Machu Picchu in the mist - pre morning light
Machu Picchu in the mist - sunrise breaks Machu Picchu in the mist - sun starts to burn the mist Some guy splaying it up for the camera Machu Picchu in the mist Machu Picchu in the mist
Machu Picchu in the mist - looking towards the Sun Gate Faith balacing precariously MBA peepers Gazing into the sun at Machu Picchu Spotlit by the sun!
Have to keep the jungle at bay Shapes in the rock Machu Picchu looking down from Wynu Picchu People lines widing down from the Hitching Post of the Sun Adam showing off his ladder-ering skills
The Moon Temple The jungle quickly claims and reclaims Sun altar - sliding

All text and photos © 2008 Peter Newbury.


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