Peru UW MBA March '08 - Adventures in South America | Amazon Jungle
Thanks to Crooked Trails for managing the tour.

A thatch roof on the bus!? Cool! rain welcomes us to the jungle Banana leaf texture Our transport upriver racing away
A gold dredging operation Some places have cars - others have boats The clouds are beautiful A view from the bed - 3 walls and 1 net Night walk
Trying to hide in the spotlight Waiting in the dark for a visitor The more the merrier, just do not lean sideways A local running the river Just a walking down the street
2 is company Waiting to watch the fish be fed Rubber boots in repose Coming to check out the strangers King of fishpools and ropeswings and soccer fields
This ropeswing was too much fun are we going to make it? 2-pronged spider in the Shaman garden Another view Secret Agent Frog hides on top of a leaf
from another world Enjoying the air and water The setting sun glazes the sky and river cruising upriver Steamy jungle
Jungle clouds The glow of sunrise from the canopy tower The high-wire commute The clouds glow pink Silhouette of a Jungle in pink
An early drive upstream Looking over the canopy from the top of the tower Nina and Maryann enjoy the view flowers in trees 50 feet up Blue eyed beauty
Parrots preening Parrot flyby Colour skimming the treetops My bed for a night Above my ankles in water and mud
Ant-obahns crisscrossed the jungle floor Tromping through the jungle Parrot pair pecked a pocket Towering over the forest floor Howler monkeys spotted!
Whooping it up Elevator up Why do those people always stare at me? Sun piercing through the banana tree leaves In the green shade of banana trees
Riding the rocket The ride out of the jungle Departure from Peurto Maldranado

All text and photos © 2008 Peter Newbury.


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